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We're Protegra and we design a better future through software-enabled solutions.
At least that's the idea ;)
More community than company
As a community of software-driven businesses we help organizations and individuals solve problems with innovative solutions. Our goal is to make a difference the lives of our clients, Protegrans, and the larger community.
How are we different?

Through all of our software-driven businesses, Protegra strives to design creative software-enabled solutions using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art methods in an innovative environment. Protegra's ecosystem is characterized by empathy, respect, collaboration and fairness. The core of Protegra's success is truly our people.

Protegra is driven by passionate, creative professionals who love what they do and excel in a culture that values teamwork, empowerment and leadership. In fact, each of our businesses are based on one or several Protegrans who bring passion and an understanding to solving problems in that business domain. We encourage Protegrans to pursue their passion, to innovate and to master their interests.

In each of Protegra's businesses, including Protegra Software Studios, Blue Canvas, Better Outcomes, Butterfly, and The Local Frequency, we are seeking experienced and talented people who share our corporate values, including our non-hierarchical structure and our commitment to integrity, innovation, and continuous improvement. We call ourselves a community, not a company or organization, and we are all Protegrans, not employees.

Work environment
Protegra offers a fun, open, and friendly work atmosphere, and a flat and self-managing organizational structure.  We believe in maintaining a healthy balance and support flexible work schedules where practical.
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Come and work in a creative environment that fosters innovation, teamwork and collaboration. Every team member has a voice and an opportunity to make a difference - including in his or her own career. If you're looking for a challenge and an opportunity to advance your skills and career, and the best place to work, contact Protegra today!

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