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March 17, 2016

‘Dodge for Cause’ to tackle hunger in Winnipeg

Grade 12 students start social project by holding day-long dodgeball tournament

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – Grade 12 students from Windsor Park Collegiate’s Career Internship Program (CIP) partnered with Protegra’s Butterfly program to hold an all-day dodgeball tournament to raise money and food for Winnipeg Harvest, Manitoba’s largest food bank.

The students, Rory Picton, Sukhman Panu, Jeremie Minami, Brendon Yerik, Christian Melendez and Noah Hinds, have been working with Protegra’s Chris Loewen since the beginning of the school year (October 2015) to come up with a social project that would benefit their community.  

“These kids really did their homework when it came to deciding on how they were going to make a difference in their community,” said Chris Loewen. “They were inspired by an article they’d read about homelessness in Winnipeg and they decided that they needed to be a solution for this problem. The students took part in discussion groups and Butterfly labs and they met with the Downtown BIZ to see how they could best help the people who needed it.”

The students originally wanted to collect clothing for Winnipeg’s homeless community. However after meeting with the Downtown BIZ they realized there was a far greater need for food, not only for Winnipeg’s homeless community, but for thousands of other Manitobans as well.

Based on what they learned through their social project, the students have put together an event plan to hold an all-day dodgeball tournament on March 22nd in the Windsor Park Collegiate gymnasium. They will charge teams a $5 fee to participate and collect non-perishable food items and cash donations that will be presented to Winnipeg Harvest on a later date.

“‘Dodge for a Cause’ took months of planning and organizing; it was a real team building experience for these students,” said Carla Allan, teacher at Windsor Park Collegiate. “In Winnipeg 135,000 people are at risk of becoming homeless, and there are up to 7,600 of people who are ‘hidden’ homeless. That’s not acceptable, and these students want to help in the best way they know how.”

Only students of WPC are eligible to play in the ‘Dodge for a Cause’ tournament, but members of the community are encouraged to drop in to watch and drop off non-perishable food and cash donations for Winnipeg Harvest.


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