The only thing more satisfying than understanding a problem is solving it.

We are a community of problem-solvers.
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Making a difference, every day.

... in the lives of our clients, Protegrans & the larger community. Empathy is the foundation for our relationships & solution design.
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Let's go change the world together.

We are not afraid to dream big.
Get To Know US 

We are a community of software-driven businesses that help
organizations & individuals solve problems with innovative solutions.

Our Community Members
Protegra Software StudiosBlue CanvasBetter OutcomesButterflyThe Local Frequency

Building a better world with software.

We build great software for mobile, web, and enterprise systems.

Pay day is a good day!

Blue Canvas provides payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, and customizable reporting all on a cloud-based, unified platform.

Everyone has potential, without exception.

We help social service organizations remove barriers and achieve their mission with software & consulting solutions.

Build Ideas,
Support Ideas,
Change the World.

Butterfly works with youth, connecting them to donors, volunteers, and mentors.

We love local.

The Local Frequency rewards program brings local businesses and people together in support of vibrant communities.

A project is only as successful as the journey of the people involved.

Here's a little about us

People over product

People are at the heart of every organization. Empathy, undestanding, and respect are the foundations for all our relationships and for the designs of our solutions.

Each of our businesses are based on one or several Protegrans who bring passion and an understanding to solving problems in that business domain.

Sharpies & Post-it notes

Using adaptive, iterative, and agile approaches to project execution, we deliver value to clients early and often. Leveraging the expertise of our entire team we design relevant solutions by working collaboratively with our clients.

We immerse ourselves in the world of our clients to gain insight into their problems and opportunities.

We're different

We're a community of businesses. We work together to improve the lives of your clients, your team - and your organization.

Our clients tell us that our inherently collaborative culture, unique approach, and insightful solutions set us apart and add value to their experience. When you hire Protegra, you hire all of us.

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Does this sound like fun to you? Join us.
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